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EZTRANS gives immediate end to end pricing for your international logistic costs, allowing more time in performing other tasks.
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Traditional VS EZTRANS
4 Major problems faced in traditional shipping model versus EZTrans 4 advantages

Difficulty in choosing

Compare with Sea and Air freight takes lots of manpower

High Communication Cost

Using Email, Telephone, IM with different vendors hard to track

Response Takes 100 Hours

Receiving a door to door logistics solution takes 100hrs at least

Non-transparent Pricing

An incomplete proposal makes room for additional unforeseen charges

Easy and Speedy

1-click check the 4 types costs 1-click order the firm case

Simple and Convenient

Show all proposals of transporation for your decision making

Get Quotation in a Second

Get support from core algorithm and thousands of global vendors

End-End Digital Tracking

Easy to find your cargo movment under our global digital technology

Provided cross-border services to 0 + customers
If you wish to free yourself from the hassles of the shipping arrangements, the EZTRANS team can help to handle the finer details


FCL & LCL Shipping

Sea port coverage


Air Freight & Charter

Air port coverage


Railway Transport

Railway station yard


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