Top 3 Reasons To Use Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

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Top 3 Reasons To Use Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

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Getting from your home to medical appointments and back should be easy and dependable. When your condition and circumstances do not allow you to get yourself to your doctor’s office, your therapy appointment, the pharmacy, or another medical service – non-emergency medical transportation is the answer.



Here are the top 3 reasons to use non-emergency medical transportation.

#1. Non-emergency medical transportation can help provide access to health care for people who are not able to use normal public or private transportation without the need for emergency medical transportation.

There are several reasons a person may not be able to get to medical services without assistance. Many people cannot drive because of a medical condition or they may not have a car that works. There are people unable to travel or wait for a ride alone due to a physical or mental disability. Many people do not have transportation suited to their current needs, if they are in a wheelchair, gurney or are unable to get into a normal vehicle. Non-emergency transportation can help these people and several others reach all kinds of medical services.

Non-emergency medical transportation can provide transportation to and from scheduled medical services. Examples of when a person might use NEMT services include going to a medical appointment, dialysis treatment for kidney disease, chemotherapy, inter-facility transfers, post-surgery visits, neurologists, physical/occupational/speech therapists, adult day care services, pick up prescriptions at the drugstore and more.

#2. Non-emergency medical transportation can provide door to door transportation to help people who are ambulatory or in wheelchairs and stretchers, and those who use canes or walkers to receive medical services but do not need emergency transportation.

non emergency medical transportationDepending on a person’s needs, appropriate non-emergency medical transportation can be arranged.

At GoodFaith Medical Transportation Co., Inc., our vans are equipped with ADA certified hydraulic lifters for patients with wheelchairs. They have provisions for gurney patients and raised doors and ceilings for our patients comfort and safety. We also have IMS dropped-floor minivans available for easier access for many patients. All of the drivers at GoodFaith Medical Transportation Co., Inc.are carefully selected and provided with proper training. Our drivers have passed the DL-51 (physical check-up), drug/alcohol testing, random drug test and an extensive background check. They possess CPR/First Aid certificates and are trained in proper oxygen administration. In addition, we have trained our drivers on how to deal with mentally challenged patients and have completed the MAB (Management of Assaultive Behavior) training program.

#3. Non-emergency medical transportation is quick and easy and mostly covered by Medi-Cal, insurances, health plans and private pays.

Often patients may need an inter-facility transfer or to get to a shortly scheduled diagnostic appointment or may be discharged from a hospital. It can be difficult to arrange a ride with such a short time frame. At GoodFaith, appointments can be made same day or can be pre-scheduled well in advance.

Non-emergency medical transportation services may be covered by Medi-Cal, insurances, health plans or can otherwise be paid for by credit cards and private payments.

Non-emergency medical transportation is a valuable service that we are proud to provide to our community. Many of our wonderful clients are resilient people who are working hard to improve their health. They find themselves with more medical appointments while at the same time being less able to get to those appointments. That’s where GoodFaith comes in – to get people to and from their appointments to provide them with a better health and a better life.

Do you have another reason we should add to our list of top reasons to use non-emergency medical transportation? Leave a comment!




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